India: You’re One of Many

India: You’re One of Many

There is over one thousand two hundred million people living in India. The city I stayed in is alone a home to four times more people than the country I live in, Ireland. This sheer number of people means that the life of a single person is quite insignificant relative to the society as a whole. The same applies to every country. Whether you succeed or not doesn’t matter. Whether you are happy or not doesn’t matter. The society will survive either way, you’re just one of many. Stalin understood this perfectly. Sending millions of individuals into certain death was not a problem for him because he knew that in 20 years time, the current generation of dead young men will be replaced by a new generation of living young men.

This truth has two implications.

First. Noone is responsible for your life so you have to be. This is empowering. Take action because noone is going to take it for you. Realise that the world doesn’t owe you anything.

Second. It doesn’t really matter what you do so you can do what you want to do. Find your passion and then follow it. Lead a life full of meaning because this is what will make you happy.

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