India: Small Things I Came to Appraciate

India: Small Things I Came to Appraciate

Not having to worry about washing hands. At home, we are used to the germs that surround us so we don’t have to wash and disinfect our hands throughout the day. In exotic locations however, even the most common germs can cause us to be sick.

Not having to think on the road. In Ireland, the traffic is predictable and it’s easy to be a pedestrian or driver. In India, rules of the road are constantly broken and even crossing at lights can be dangerous.

Having clean tap water. Rinsing our mouths with water after we brush our teeth is something we take for granted. It’s handy to not have to use a water bottle for that.

Modern education system. After we spent three weeks teaching in an orphanage, a young boy told us that he appreciates that we didn’t beat him.

Being born with a greater freedom to do anything. In India, the class system is strong. How people are treated often depends on the wealth of the family. This is especially true in schools where the poorer children are often bullied.

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