The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing

The last few weeks have been very eye-opening for me.

I think it’s like that with every period of intense changes. When we are stuck in the comfort of routines and things are not changing, it’s difficult to get a good perspective on our lives.

In the last weeks, I got out of my comfort zone and rediscovered something that I have forgotten in the last year. The power of progress and growth.

When studying for the most important exams in my life (those before college) in the first half of 2015, I was very much focused on growth. Learning and improving everyday was my life purpose. I even reminded myself of that every morning through affirmations. “I will no longer settle for less than the levels of success and fulfillment that I am truly capable of and deserve”.

Then as I finished my exams, I felt I can relax during the summer. I moved away from progress and growth and focused more on short term pleasures. This continued through the summer, first semester, Christmas, second semester and yet another summer. Of course, I was doing great things and having a great time in that year! However, it wasn’t the same as before, progress and growth was not my purpose in life.

The changed in the last few weeks and subsequent loss of comfort have showed me that progress is the most important thing. Main reason for this is that outside circumstances could always change for the worse, you might loose some things in life but the one thing you can’t loose is what you learned through progressing. Really, the thing that’s more important than outside circumstances is the person you are because you attract the outside circumstances by who you are.

In addition, if a person is not progressing, he is stuck in one place or even worse, he is degenerating. I choose the path of progress and growth. I will not settle for less than I’m capable of.

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