From Chaos to Order

From Chaos to Order

How easy is it to get lost? How easy is it for the order of our lives to turn to chaos?

Extremely easy. We might think that we sorted, that our life is sorted but something can easily come up which will shake this “truth”.

That happened to me a couple of months ago, I had a bad day, I had another bad day, and then another and I found myself forgetting all the good things that I learned that have kept my life in order and kept me heading in the right direction.

Value of being honest with myself, the value of passion, the value of goals, all gone. After that, I lived day to day just fine, went to a job that I enjoyed and for which I got paid, I travelled to some places, I met up with friends and things were grand. However, underneath that, there was a feeling of being lost, a feeling of lack of direction. There was no more doing extra, no more going beyond the minimum effort necessary, no more pursuit of passions and improvement.

Eventually, after a few months, I realised this. At that time, when I looked back on things I’ve written a few months back, I wondered “how can I go from having life sorted to the opposite in a space of a few weeks?”. It doesn’t make sense. I worked hard on figuring my life out and I got quite far but then just stopped?

Eventually, I got it!

It’s not about how good or “sorted” you feel at a given time. And it’s definitely not about how much cash you have, or friends or travel destinations under your belt.

It’s about knowing the process and having things in place that, even when you get lost, will guide you back on track and set you your way towards self-improvement and life becoming better.

These things are unique for every person. For me, these include, writing in a journal every day, daily affirmations, going to the gym regularly, and spending a few hours each week on a personal project which will benefit me in the future. All these things don’t take long, an average of an hour to two hours each day, but it’s enough to keep me going in the right direction.

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