Overcoming the routine

Overcoming the routine

When routine takes over, days all look the same. Life becomes dull and flies by. At some point, you can’t even remember what happened two or three weekends ago. You start making excuses that you will do something exciting, travel somewhere, one day because now is not a good time. This day often doesn’t come because as you’re stuck in this dullness of repetition, curiosity slowly dies and eventually, you lose motivation to do exciting and new things.

I think the above scenario is something that everyone experiences to some extent, I know that I have, quite recently. This is what helped me to get over it.

The important realisation for me was that if I’m saying that I will do something tomorrow, I practice that way of thinking. Then tomorrow, I’m likely to say the same thing, and the day after, and the day after. By realising that if I put something off, I’m probably not going to do it, I am motivating myself to take action today.

The next challenge is knowing what to do. What helped me is just setting a time for myself where I sit down and write down things to do that pop into my head, sky being the limit. Here are some examples:
– Driving to a lake for a breakfast-picnic
– Going to an abandoned city (Pstraze, Poland) and surviving a night there
– Finding a roof of a tall building which is open and having wine there

I’m always surprised at the number of things I can come up with. I found that it’s good to pick things which don’t require a lot of time as it’s easier to do them on weekdays and weekends and keep the excitement in life!

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