Negative thinking

Negative thinking

One of the biggest challenges I faced throughout my life was being stuck in negative thought spirals.

When I was younger, I sometimes spent weeks in loops of health-related worry. People tried to explain to me how useless it is to obsess over something that is beyond my control. I didn’t see it. I remained stuck in my head.

I cared about those negative thoughts, I allowed them to shock me, I invested energy into them. I was living an illusion that I’m solving a problem by endless thinking. This made those unpleasant thoughts bigger. This made a habit of obsessing over negative content of the mind grow stronger.

Recently, I began realising that thoughts are just ideas… movies… images… products of an extremely complex human mind.

Remembering this is a way to not get lost in them. Have the perspective to see what you’re investing your time into right now. And ask yourself, is this how I want to use my time?

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